Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the amazing thing

hi my name is jaidyn i wanted to shair some of the bests days of my life with first thing
i want to shair with you is that i am in a show at the nugget.its called a claccic christmas
celebration.this week is the very last week of the performents.the show is a show thats for your
family to is thursday,friday,saterday,and sunday.the next thing i wanted to tell you
is that i was on tv this morning.i had to get up at 5:0 was cold.i also wanted to tell you
all my faveret faveret food is faveret movie is spy kids.when i grow up i want to be a singer and a best friends name is faveret thing to do is crafts.
thats all i can remember.oh,yea now all i can remember is just one more faveret coler
is blue.after all the fun i had all melted out of me and i am not going to tell you what made
all the funness melt out of me.but i want to let all of the sadness to come out of me.and let all the funness slip right back into my i might go a little bit crazy.just i wan to feel more
happy.i have a lots of exiding things that hapens to me.i want to wish you a happy hanukah.
and a mary christmas and a happy new year.whats the exiding things that happen to you?