Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jaidyn's trip to Logandale

last Wednesday I went to Logandale, because my Uncle Rodger has been sick, really, really bad. I hope that he'll get better. I had a very fun time in Logandale, but on that Sunday I had to go at that night, but maybe if it's okay with my dad he might let me go with my mom on the Rhino. It is very fun my dad lets me drive it. My dad told me that I might get my driver's license very early. I think it's funny. My grandma Ronda came to Logandale on Friday, I really missed her, but she's here now. My baby sister grew up a lot. My dad even blessed the sacrament in my grandma great's house instead of the church. He had to bless the sacrament in our house because they can't go anywhere except if somebody stays at their home with Rodger. But, my grandma Ronda and my grandpa Louie came to church in their old ward it was really fun, but my grandma kept on talking and talking to the people that she use to know all the time and that was very very boring. My sister's very very cute and I love her so much.